Since 2003, IceStone has stood as a pioneer at the forefront of a durable surface revolution, innovating beyond toxic resins, petrochemicals, and dangerous quarries.  Few brands can match the “true” green story of IceStone, and fewer still can produce their unique composition of cement and recycled glass.

All slabs of IceStone now come pre-sealed at the factory making them highly resistant to staining and etching. Adding onto IceStone’s natural heat and UV resistance makes IceStone one of the smartest in addition to one of the most sustainable Solid Surfaces for your home or project.

Today, IceStone offers the safest and most sustainable durable surface in the world. Manufactured from 100% recycled glass and concrete under sustainable circumstances, IceStone redirects tons of waste glass from landfills every year.


Full slab: 52.5” x 96” x 1.25” thick

Half slab: 26” x 96” x 1.25” thick (up to one per order)

Remnants and Discontinued Colors available in various colors and sizes, inquire for list.