Ascale’s sintered stone slabs are a revolutionary product for your home. When selecting a slab for your project the trade off between beauty and durability has been one of the largest points of frustration. Take a look at the list of advantages to the right to see what we mean when we say these are some of the most durable products on the market. As for beauty, come see these slabs yourself at our San Rafael slab yard and showroom. We hope you fall in love with these slabs as deeply as we have.

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Fabrication Guidelines

63″x126″ 12mm
6mm or 20mm can be special ordered in some colors


  • Very high resistance to staining and acid etching
  • Hygenic and easy to clean with no odor absorbtion
  • A fireproof material that is tolerant of utensils at high temperatures
  • Suitable for outdoors even in high UV or frost exposed areas.
  • Resistant to cuts or abrasions especially in honed and matte finishes
  • Made of 100% natural material of mineral origin
  • Recycled at up to 70% of material used