Signature surfaces; made easy

Core Collection is a collection that brings together the most popular series of unglazed porcelain tiles. This collection is full of design options, so that architects and designers can create distinctive surfaces easily and intuitively. The collection includes 39 tile colors, three different visual textures, various traditional tile sizes, and seven innovative tile shapes in patterns that can be fully customized.

Core Collection’s ceramic shapes allow unparalleled freedom. All pieces are modular, so tiles can be combined to produce the right effect and atmosphere for each individual design and purpose. Anything is possible; from strong surfaces featuring dynamic triangular tiles, to the calmness and stability of a square tile arrangement, and from harnessing the sense of direction that rectangular shapes can create, to the circle’s soft, playful and organic feel.


Cynde Morris
Senior Architectural Consultant
San Francisco & North Bay

Laura Dahlhauser
Architectural Consultant
South Bay, Peninsula, East Bay & Sacramento

Rae Grafe
Architectural Consultant
Southern California